**IMPORTANT** The material for this paper comes from your own observations and/or experience. You are not to use any outside sources, and that means not even looking at the internet for “ideas.”

This paper asks you to “evaluate” a topic about which you know more than your audience. That is, you need to take on the role of the “expert” as you present your “judgment” on a topic, giving your readers new information or presenting a new perspective on your topic. Your judgment should be based on a set of criteria: for instance, if you make a “judgment” about a specific restaurant, the “criteria” that you use to make the “judgment” might include service, atmosphere, price, and food. The basic model for you to use is the Essay Outline Assignment from Lesson 2; however, you may write about a topic other than a restaurant. With that in mind, one of the following topics may serve your purpose: a restaurant, a movie, a car, a vacation spot, or whether it is better to live in the country or the city, or whether it is better to live in a house or apartment. You will need to be specific about the topic: for instance, if you write about a restaurant or movie, you will need to name it.

The material for this paper comes from your own observations and/or experience. You are not to use any outside sources, and that means not even looking at the internet for “ideas.”

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The basis or model for your essay should be the Five-Paragraph Essay Format utilized in the Essay Outline Assignment in Lesson 2: that is, you will need an “Introduction” with a hook, a thesis that clearly and distinctly states your judgment on the topic, and an essay map following the thesis that states what evidence will be presented in the rest of the essay; at least three body paragraphs, each based on one of the criteria used to make your judgment, and each paragraph containing a clear topic sentence and supporting evidence (for the “body paragraphs” use the Paragraph Outline Assignment done in Lesson 1 as a model); and a conclusion that sums up your argument and leaves a lasting impression on your reader. You will be writing an argument: you must convince your audience of your judgment; you must be persuasive. In addition, you are giving them new information or letting them appreciate your topic in a way they have not done before. The essay should be full of informative and illustrative detail. Remember; use concrete, specific examples from your experience.

You will convince the reader with a clear judgment and criteria based on specific, concrete details and examples used as evidence.

Structure and Paragraphing: With regard to structure, you should follow the Five-Paragraph Essay model discussed; however, you may wish to add more paragraphs if your judgment consists of more than three points or reasons (criteria). You may need to summarize your subject. Briefly describe your topic to the reader, whether it be a movie, restaurant, car, or one of the other topics listed above. You may also wish to use a paragraph for counter arguments, aspects of your topic that might be counter to your basic argument. (Your subject may not be entirely good or bad.) Be careful placing counter arguments if used. You do not want them to undermine your judgment.

The essay needs to be at least two (2) to three (3) pages long (500 to 750 words) and formatted according to the requirements listed in the class Style Sheet Click for more options


Note:  Submission of this essay utilizes SafeAssign to verify that the essay is not plagiarized