Reading #6 from Ruggiero’s, Thinking Critically about Ethical Issues. At minimum the below chapter from this book is to be read. With all readings in this course, you are encouraged to read actively and discerningly/critically at all times.

  • A Foundation for Judgment – Ch. 6 (Pages 66-78)

1. Drones are not only used in foreign combat zones. They are also being used domestically by law enforcement agencies, for example, in the surveillance of criminals under a legally obtained warrant. But the possibility exists of monitoring areas in which there is no suspicion of crime but where the government wishes to obtain information. (Forest fires is a noncontroversial use, as is use on the border to monitor the movement of illegal drugs.) Drones can be equipped with either lethal or nonlethal weapons such as rubber bullets and tear gas. Technological advances have created miniature drones that can be carried in a backpack, zoom lenses, see-through imaging, and night vision capabilities. Then decide whether you support the domestic use of drones and explain your position.

2. There are more than four hundred pet cemeteries in the United States. People often spend hundreds of dollars to bury their dogs, cats, birds, goldfish, and hamsters. Is this practice morally acceptable?

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