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You are required to apply the business model canvas to the 3 businesses A, B and C described in the file. You will need to apply all 9 parts of the canvas. There are parts of the canvas that are missing from the descriptions above so you will have to make reasonable assumptions about these parts. These assumptions should be sensible and appropriate; you must state them clearly and discuss them giving your reasons for the choices you have made. In this discussion of your reasons (justifications) you will need to consult wider articles and reading including some academic literature.
The business report will be assessed on the basis of:
· Clear and logical discussion of the application of the Business M odel Canvas to the 3 businesses A, B and C. It must include all 9 aspects of the canvas but most importantly the Core Value Prop osition, the Sources and Methods of Revenue Generation and th e Costs of Revenue Generation stating any assumptions that you make.
· Understanding of business model concepts
· Evidence of wider reading/research to substantiate the discussio n
· Justification for statements made (e.g. logical reasoning rather t han unsupported statements)
· Critical appraisal rather than pure description
· Clear title, summary, contents and conclusion
· Clear citation and referencing (sources – relevance, range, citati on accuracy) using the Harvard Referencing System. You must u se at least SOME academic sources – they should not all be fro m company websites as these are biased.
· Professional standards of presentation
Appendices may be used if appropriate – these should be clearly title d and correctly numbered (these do not form part of the 3000 words).
Word Count 3500 words. It should conclude abstract, content, body and references.
At least 20 references in Harvard style. The plagiarism rate should below 15%.
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