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ACCT 3010 Sustainability Accounting and Reporting
For each assessment item, it is important to refer to the accompanying Marking Rubric which clearly signals our expectations when marking the assessment.
Climate Change Accounting Research: Keeping it interesting and different
Due: 11am, Friday, April 6th, 2018
Please submit your assignment via learnonline on the course website.
Source article: Milne, M.J and Grubnic, S (2011). ‘Climate Change Accounting Research: Keeping it interesting and different’. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, Vol. 24, No.8, pp.948-977.
Purpose The aim of this assignment is to summarise and analyse the key arguments in a journal article, and to use this understanding as a basis for designing a research project on sustainability accounting and reporting.
Task Description Write a fully referenced paper that addresses the requirements below. Students are required to use the source article and other academic reference sources to substantiate their key arguments. Your responses to parts 1-4 should not exceed 1500 words (inclusive of diagrams and tables but excluding the reference list). Standard academic conventions need to be followed in relation to the write-up and referencing.

  1. Provide a brief summary and analysis of the key insights raised in the source article.


  1. Should accounting academics engage in climate change accounting research? Discuss.


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  1. Select an Australian organisation and discuss a potential research project that you could undertake in relation to its management of climate change issues. Outline the aims and objectives of your project, the theoretical perspective used to guide your research (including justification of why this perspective is necessary), the associated research methods used to gather data (including details of the data collection and research context) and highlight the expected contributions of this research for both academia and practice.


  1. Discuss how your proposed research meets the “interesting and different” characteristics as specified in the source article?