American history homework help

Part 1:

Write answers to each of the following short-form questions:

  1. Who you think was the greatest explorer in history? List three reasons for your choice.
  2. Do you think there are any situations today where you could become the victim of the plague or any other contagious disease killing people? Explain your answer.
  3. Why do you think Leonardo dissected human bodies even though he wasn’t a doctor?
  4. How do you personally feel about Cortes: was he a hero or a villain?  Explain why you think so.
  5. Why do you think Elizabeth I didn’t get married? Do you think it was a good idea that she didn’t marry? Explain your answer.
  6. What was the most important discovery made on Captain Cook’s voyages? Explain your answer.
  7. What do you think was Issac Newton’s greatest discovery or invention? Explain your choice.
  8. Why do you think the people succeeded in the 1790s in overthrowing the entire system of the French government and the dominance of the nobles when the system had existed for hundreds of years?  Explain your answer.
  9. Why did some Germans hate the Jews? Explain your answer.
  10. Summarize what happened on “Crystal Night” and describe why it happened.
  11. Which Impressionist artist appeals most to you? Explain why they appeal to you.
  12. Hot air balloons were used by armies in several countries including France, and in the U.S. by the Union army during the Civil War. What military advantage might the use of hot air balloons have for an army?

Part 2:

Write an essay on the write an essay on the designs, inventions, or sculptures that most impress you from Leonardo da Vinci.  Explain your choices.
Minimum Word Count: 800 words.

Part 3:

Under the title “Geography of the Holocaust”, write an essay about which countries were involved and describe what role each of these countries played in the Holocaust.
Minimum Word Count: 800 words.

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