Analyzing one specific health promotion initiative against best practice.

Task description –

This assessment involves analysing one specific health promotion initiative against best practice.

You will be assigned a health promotion strategy and provided one paper describing a health promotion initiative or program that reflects the strategy in action. Details of the strategy and paper you have been assigned will be given in your Moodie tutorial discussion space

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You are asked to use this initiative to explain and critically reflect on:

1. the assigned strategy, and

2. best practice in Health Promotion.

Imagine that people with an interest in health promotion but with limited knowledge and experience are reading your work to get ideas of which strategies they might adopt themselves in their own work, and how they might go about doing best practice in HP.

You will need to also refer to course readings, course lectures and at least 5 external references identified through your own research about the asigned strategy and initiative.

Questions – All papers are to be presented as 4 answers to 4 questions.

The questions are:

1. Explain the main characteristics of your assigned health promotion strategy (which is the focus of the initiative described in the assigned paper), including the its conceptual underpinnings and the values and assumptions, which inform it. (Note, this is about the general strategy, e.g. “community building”, not the specific initiative).

2. Critically analyse how this specific initiative illustrates the health promotion strategy in action; focus on the extent to which the specific initiative illustrates the conceptual underpinnings, values and assumptions of the general strategy.

3. Address how this initiative applies health promotion principles in planning and evaluation. If these do not appear evident in the paper, or are not addressed, provide suggestion from course learning as to what framework[s] might be appropriate; support your analysis with reference from the literature and course content.

4. Critically analyse how this specific initiative's design or implementation (choose one) reflects significant elements of the Ottawa Charter including how it responds to the specificities of the context in which it is operating (e.g. high/middle/low income country) or target group (e.g. hard to reach disadvantaged population); multi-sectoral action and multi-strategic approach.

Use these 4 headings (they are included in the word limit):

1. The 'generic' strategy

2. An example of the strategy in action

3. Best practice I: Planning, evaluation, context

4. Best Practice II: Ottawa Charter in action

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