Anticipatory Guidance for Neonates to Adolescents Table

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Anticipatory Guidance for Neonates to Adolescents Table

Anticipatory guidance helps family, caregivers, and others know what to expect according to the child’s growth and development. The guidance is done through collaboration between the healthcare provider and the caregiver. It is sometimes thought of as a type of counseling. Nurse practitioners working in pediatric primary care need to be experts on anticipatory guidance. There are excellent resources available and these are being updated as technologies and environments change.

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This Assignment will demonstrate your ability to describe age-specific anticipatory guidance for the child and the family. Additionally, you will then have a reference table for quick glance created by you for future encounters with pediatric individuals and their families.

This assignment has a template that you will use to fill in the relevant elements of the anticipatory guidance per age group. The columns provide guidance to the specific areas such as safety and immunizations. If there is an area that is not applicable, such as oral health in infancy-newborn group, then place N/A in the box.

Unit Two Assignment Template

Age GroupPhysical Development and Mental HealthNutrition and Physical ActivityOral HealthSafety ConcernsImmunizations
Infancy- Newborn Visit   N/A  
Infancy-First Week Visit   N/A  
Infancy-1 Month Visit   N/A  
Infancy-2 Month Visit   N/A  
Infancy-4 Month Visit   N/A  
Infancy-6 Month Visit   N/A  
Infancy-9 Month Visit   N/A  
Early Childhood-12 Month Visit     
Early Childhood-15 Month Visit     
Early Childhood-18 Month Visit     
Early Childhood-2 Year Visit     
Early Childhood-2.5 Year Visit     
Early Childhood-3 Year Visit     
Early Childhood-4 Year Visit     
Middle Childhood-5 and 6 Year Visits     
Middle Childhood-7 and 8 Year Visits     
Middle Childhood-9 and 10 Year Visits     
Early Adolescence-11 to 14 Year Visits     
Middle Adolescence-15 to 17 Year Visits     
Late Adolescence-18 to 21 Year Visits     


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