Applied Sciences homework help

Principles Of Fitness

HFMG 3130

LAB # 14: Write-Up 

Subject Info:

Name _______________ Age ________ yr
Major ______________ Career field keywords (at least 5)                  

  1. Search for your career field professional insurance online as if you were looking for insurance for you own business. (Use ) How much is it per year? Applied Sciences homework help.


  1. What potential incidents would insurance help with? What would your possible insurance help cover?



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  1. Thinking of your career field what is your scope of practice? What are some examples that are outside of your scope of practice? (As an exercise physiologist I can provide solutions for a diagnosis that comes from doctor. For example, if someone comes in with back pain and I notice they have rounded shoulders and their spine curves to the right. Applied Sciences homework help. I would refer them to a doctor to get a specific diagnosis of kyphosis of the thoracic spine (T1 -T4) and scoliosis also the thoracic spine (T5- T10). Most likely they might be referred to a physical therapist who will measure the degrees of the curvatures and begin rehab exercises for a few weeks (commonly 20 visits) then they are released back to me to either continue rehab or progress to more challenging exercises and work on the full body. Never tell them a diagnosis, that way you are not liable for telling someone they have something that they do not.
  1. The job titles you listed above show potential ways to enter your career field, create a resume or adjust a resume that you would submit to one of those jobs. (Use : Its free!)
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