Architecture and Design homework help

Project Due Date and Time

· The Final Project is due Sunday of Week 9. Your topic is due in Week 14 and your rough draft is due in Week 16.


Now that you have begun to hone your visual literacy skills, approach this final project with a critical eye and apply what you have learned in class while finding meaning in imagery and addressing the sociology of perception. You have two options for this Final Project:Architecture and Design homework help


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· Option 1: Directed Research Paper
· Option 2: Visual Essay

Option 1: Directed Research Paper

If you create a Directed Research Paper, the paper should be to 5 to 6 typed double-spaced pages, not including Title and Works Cited pages. You must select one rhetorical strategy (either Informative, Argument/Persuasion, or Critical Analysis). This research paper MUST include reliable and verifiable outside research and must be properly cited using MLA format. Any project that does not contain source attribution or parenthetical citations INSIDE THE PAPER will be returned with a zero for plagiarism. Your paper should be PREDOMINANTLY your own observations (approximately 60%), supported by research (no more than 40%). Also, be sure to incorporate thumbnail images where necessary as well as the interdisciplinary aspect of the course by exploring the “sociology of perception” when addressing your topic.

List of Topics

Select one of the following topics for your final project:
1. Research and demonstrate how the U.S. government utilized photography and made the camera a “weapon of war” to motivate citizens to support U.S. involvement in WWI (1914-1918). Or, demonstrate how the government used photography to “glamorize” WWII rather than reveal the truth about what U.S. soldiers were experiencing in the trenches.
2. Compare the photojournalistic coverage of World War II to that of Vietnam to that of the contemporary U.S. wars in the Middle East.Architecture and Design homework help

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