Article Search

Find 2 sources doing independent research that you can integrate into one of the two Formal Essay Assignments you are submitting in your portfolio. This will be your “Capstone” essay. One source should come from a search that uses the Kingsborough Library Databases and one can come from a search of the New York Times. 

After you find your sources, please give the following information in your thread for EACH one:

1) The full name of the author(s):

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2) The full title of the text:

3) The name of the publication in which it is found and the date published:

4) The name of the KCC database(s) used to find a source: (don’t fill this in for a source found in the New York Times)

5) The URL or DOI link to the text: (you can copy-and-paste this into the thread)

6) The essay for which you plan to use the sources and an indication of how you think each source will help you develop it. You should show in what you write that you have read and understand the sources you selected from your research. This can be one paragraph in which you discuss both of the sources you found.