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You will complete what is known as an Applied Media Analysis. As you complete this paper, make sure that you answer the questions in-depth. CITE information from your notes about ethnocentrism and the communication model as you write this paper  The film, Freedom Writers is available for streaming on free on Vudu, 2.99/Redbox and YouTube.   Please plan to make sure that you get access to the film in time to complete this assignment.
1. Please choose the most powerful scene in the movie in your opinion. Choose a scene that you feel makes an impact on communication.
A. IDENTIFY THE SCENE (Include the timestamp:  pause the movie and look at the time on the graph below the video feed, i.e., 1:24.06)
B. Briefly describe the scene to which you are referring and who the principal characters are.
C. For each of the following elements write 2-4 sentences that SPECIFICALLY describe how you see the communication process at work.  (You have done this before in your group project)
1) Situation (Context)
2) Speaker(s) (Sender-Receiver)
3) Message
4) Channel
5) Listener (Receiver Sender)
6) Feedback
7) Noise
2.    Ethnocentrism:  Please find two quotes from the movie that illustrate the concept of ethnocentrism as it is defined.  For each quote, complete the following:
A. IDENTIFY the Timestamp where the quote appears in the film
C. EXPLAIN the effect of this interaction
D. ANALYZE how this exemplifies ethnocentric communication
3. As you watch the film, look for communication and public speaking (in court, in the classroom, etc. )Select a public speaking scene that changes the destiny of at least one of these students. Please describe this in no less than five sentences. Include a timestamp.