Instructions: Prepare a typed, written response to the questions. Information

from previous social work courses will be helpful in preparing

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your responses. Please answer all questions completely and in

a professional manner.

1. Human Development

(Clearly identify the theories you use in your answers)

A. Identify the primary age groups of the clients you serve in your

agency. Using human development theory, explain the important

issues with which clients must cope across the life span.

B. What are the dominant family characteristics of the client groups

served by your agency? How might theses characteristics affect

the delivery of services?

C. What issues related to human biology need to be considered in

evaluating the problems presented by your clients? How do these

issues influence your interventions?

D. What are the primary psychological/sociological cultural and spiritual   characteristics of clients served by your agency? (Either functional or   dysfunctional). Do these characteristics affect services?

2. Human Diversity

A. What are the disadvantaged/oppressed groups are served by your agency?

(i.e. gender, race, ethnic, religious, or sexual preference groups). Give

an approximate breakdown of the groups by percentages.

B. What disadvantaged/oppressed groups are overrepresented or under-

represented in the clients served by your agency? Explain why.

C. Identify knowledge or skills related to human diversity that could be

helpful in working with these disadvantaged/oppressed groups. How

have you employed this knowledge in your internship?

D. How could Santa Maria Hostel be more sensitive to the needs of oppressed/

disadvantaged groups?

3. Systems Theory

Illustrate your answer with an actual client with which you have worked.

Omit information that would identify the client!!!!

A. Briefly define the presenting problem in terms of the person-in-

environment context. google a person on Heroin and find a interview of them about their life leading up to their drug addiction , (ie molestation, fosters homes, parents addicted to heroin).

B.  Describe the:

1. Client system – includes the client family members, friends, religious community.

2. Target system- is the client in need of help.

C. Explain how the knowledge of human behavior/human diversity was

used to develop and action system to target the presenting problems.