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Effective Public Health Program Implementation

Evaluate the hypothetical program that you created (see attached paper) using the following types of evaluation: formative, process, outcome, and impact. Identify each type of evaluation that you are using and the part of the program to which it applies, program goals, and program accomplishments. Describe successful areas of the program and areas that need […]

Maintaining and protecting the health of the public

QUESTIONFEB 28, 2017 comment tammy  I NEED A POSITIVE COMMENT BESED IN THIS ARGUMENT. PLEASE USE YOUR OWN WORDS TO DO THE COMMENTS. BETWEEN 150-200 WORDS. We have a large population of uninsured people, growth of personal bankruptcy due to medical costs, increasing health care cost, huge profits for health care corporations, and a growing […]

Diagnosis And Management Of Hematologic And Metabolic Disorders

In clinical settings, pediatric patients often present with hematologic and metabolic disorders such as anemia and diabetes. Many of these disorders are manageable with drug therapy and lifestyle changes, but they can pose serious complications for patients if left untreated. In your role as the advanced practice nurse, you must identify patients at risk of […]

What is spiritual care in health care?

Comment1 I will say that spiritual care is providing the spiritual or religious needs of a patient as he/she is dealing with  an illness, whether it is assisting them with physical or emotional healing.  Being raised a Disciple of Christ, I was taught that the spiritual care we provide others needed to be less reminiscent […]