Biology homework help

Each student is to choose a topic, which includes identification of a problem in a food service operation, with a detailed written solution to the problem. The student will need to think and brainstorm as a foodservice supervisor would. The student will have the opportunity to come up with its own creative way to resolve a problem. The paper should be written as a proposal to the director of a food service operation. The whole project should be of a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 double-spaced, font size 12, typewritten pages (excluding reference’s page).Biology homework help



– Proposal: This should be a description of the problem or project. Justify why the project is worthwhile. Identify/mention the assumptions of what parts of the project are already in place (what info do you have on hand already) and what you will do to further develop the project (will you apply principles of human resources?, leadership? Which ones? Will you make a phone call to a foodservice operation to have a better understanding on the topic and what they are doing? Etc.). This is not a term paper in which you research a subject only. It includes research on the principles or information on which the project is developed, but it also includes actions that you take to prepare the project and critical thinking to come up with a solution for the problem. You may need to apply hypothetical but realistic circumstances/principles to resolve the problem.
– Methods: Describe how the project was developed. What tools or forms were used, the data that had been collected, how many articles were included, databases used, phone calls, meetings, and any other important step that you have used to develop this project. Identify who is involved in decisions about the project development.
– Review of Literature: Identify expert or professional information that will support your decision to work on this project. It may serve as resource material on how to proceed with the project or it may provide documentation for decisions you make as to standards, format, or other criteria for the project. It may describe how other organizations have approached the problem. This section will summarize your findings from your literature search that helped you to know how to proceed. (Minimum of 5 references)
– Solving the Problem, Results, and Conclusions: State what has been done to resolve the problem. An appendix may be attached with the actual forms or tables of data collected. If any further work is required, identify it in this section. Include what have you learned from this project and how beneficial it has been for your professional development. Biology homework help

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