Business & Finance homework help

Part 1
Discuss some considerations that should be taken into account when doing capital budgeting: incremental earnings, interest expenses, taxes, opportunity costs, externalities, sunk costs, cannibalization or erosion, depreciation, salvage value, and others. For your first post, explain in detail what defines capital budgeting. Then explain how two of the considerations above affect capital budgeting.
Part 2
What is the difference between capital structure and capital budgeting? Explain and give an example of a capital structure decision and an example of a capital budgeting decision.
Part 3
For this activity, students will identify the Four Ps of marketing using one of the business plans published on the database titled Business Plans Handbook [Gale/Cengage].
To access Business Plans Handbook [Gale/Cengage], go to the DeVry Library (Links to an external site.) and locate and click the “Database” menu. Look for the database tab (you must access the Library from inside the Canvas Classroom), and access the Business Plans Handbook [Gale/Cengage] Database using the alphabetical tool.
Choose one of the featured business plans that would represent well the 4 Ps of marketing. Some plans have limited scope in describing the price of products/services. In such case, benchmark (i.e., research similar businesses) and propose estimated prices.
In your response address the following:
What are the four elements of the marketing mix described in the document?
What is the value that the organization delivers to its customers?