Business & Finance homework help

Short Answer Questions  (5 X 10 marks = 50 marks)
(Answer all questions in approximately 250 words each)
Note: All questions to be ANSWERED in the context of your business idea used in Assignment 1- Feasibility Study and Assignment 2- Business Plan
1. What impact can your product or service make in terms of ‘social trends’?
2. Using business trends, analyse your business idea.
3. There are 3 types of competitors a new business faces. Identify which type of competitor your business idea can face.
4. Define threat to substitution. Explain this in context of your product or service.
5. Will your business idea need any industrial, environmental and other permits and licenses? Give reasons.
Long Answer Questions (2 X 15 marks= 30 marks)
(Answer any 2 questions in approximately 350 words each)
1. Discuss the impact of COVID 19 on your business plan.
2. Explain the 6 legal entity types in Oman.
3. One of Riyada’s objectives is to instill a culture of entrepreneurship and self-employment among emerging and young people. To what extent do you agree with the objective as an entrepreneur?