Care of the Neonate- Nursing Essay Writing Assignment Case Study

NUR322: Care of the Neonate- Nursing Essay Writing Assignment Case Study: Emma Micawber is a… 

NUR322: Care of the Neonate- Nursing Essay Writing Assignment

Case Study: 

Emma Micawber is a healthy full-term newborn. She is a 72 hours old neonate who has been referred, by her Child Health Nurse, for admission to the Paediatric Ward. She is the first child of Lily and Edward Micawber.
Emma is increasingly sleepy, has poor feeding and is noted to have a jaundiced face and trunk. A capillary SBR sample is taken and her SBR is 350micromol/L. She is breast fed and her feeding has decreased in the past 24 hours. She was discharged from another hospital yesterday and, according to Lily, she was taking small, infrequent feeds prior to discharge. She has been reviewed by a Paediatrician who diagnoses hyperbilirubinaemia (most probably benign physiological jaundice). The treatment ordered is a single bank of phototherapy lights. There is no intention to insert an IV cannula or naso-gastric tube at this point. You are caring for Emma. You need to identify her and her family’s care needs and explain why you have identified the specific care requirements. The photo below is of Emma under one bank of phototherapy lights. It is the only treatment option available to your patient at this time. This is the equipment you are expected to work with.
Lily and Edward are very anxious. Lily is keen to breast feed and wants to nurse Emma to ensure they
have a strong mother/daughter relationship. Edward is on 6 weeks paternal leave and wants to
spend all his time with his family.

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From the information in the case study, the photo and by consulting the literature you are to identify the care you plan to implement for Emma, her family and (in some cases nursing staff) using the following template to support and structure your written task. Write the Essay based on given Case Study.

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