W7: Tu Vecindario

Prior to posting your answer to this discussion I want you to read the following document which is a brief recap of some very “Common Pitfalls” that second language learners of Spanish commit. This is a great document to review regularly, and it is based on many of the points made in the book Breaking out of beginner Spanish that I mentioned earlier in the course.


Tu Vecindario

Using the Spanish you have learned from Rosetta Stone and this lesson, write about three places in your home town or city that you frequent other than work.

Where do you go and why? What is your favorite place to go? What are some landmarks in your neighborhood? Are there any special activities or festivities during the year?

You are free to answer the questions however you wish, provided that your answer addresses the writing prompt. (tu vecindario). Your post should consist of at least 8 complete sentences in Spanish.

Example: Voy al supermercado dos veces cada semana para comprar pescado y frutas. Está cerca de mi casa. Me gusta ir al cine una vez cada mes. Manejo 10 minutos para llegar al teatro. También visito con mis amigas para jugar naipes o para tomar un café. Viven muy cerca. Camino a sus casas. La farmacia está al centro de mi vecino. Hay muchas personas allí que compran sus medicamentos. Para la Navidad, hay desfiles al centro. Tiene un gran árbol con muchas luces. 

Respond to two peers in Spanish. Make two comments and ask two questions about the content of their posts. Replies should be at least 5 sentences each.  Use appropriate Spanish language punctuation and accent marks. The document Accents and Punctuation tells you how to do this. (Becoming familiar with this document was part of week one’s assignments).

  • https://studyspanish.com/typing-spanish-accents
  • You can also easily create the Spanish characters using the Special Characters feature above the text field. (If you don’t see the omega or blue horse shoe, the icon may be a cube with blue and red symbols on it. They both represent the special characters feature).
    If you have a laptop and can’t create ALT commands, or if you find it more convenient, there is an icon on the gray area above the text field (where you type your post),  find the smiley face, and close by you should see an icon that is either a blue horse shoe (omega) or a box with red and blue symbols on it. This is the special character icon…clicking this box will allow you to choose special characters. You can use this box to create Spanish characters and punctuation marks.
  • Please find attached a Power Point file on when to place accents on Spanish words. I wish you all the best this week and look forward to reading your comments!

Spanish homework help

I need help with my Spanish Class, anyone a Spanish Major or good with the Spanish Language?

Spanish homework help

I need help with my Spanish Class, anyone a Spanish Major or good with the Spanish Language?

Spanish homework help

The rest of this discussion will be in English. You must write a minimum of 15 sentences. Each person is going to research one famous person. Credit will not be given to repeated posts of the same person. In the subject of your discussion, put the name of your celebration. Make sure to check which famous person has already been posted in the discussions so that you do not repeat. You may want to post your discussion early if there is one that you really want to present.Choose a famous person from a Spanish speaking country, area, region. It could be someone you admire or someone who inspires you–either in the past or present. You could select an artist, architect, musician, political figure, military leader, etc. Please add some images, sounds or video of maps, people, places etc. to enliven your post. Cite all sources used at the bottom of your post. In your response, please discuss:

  • The reason for your choice
  • The person’s accomplishments and their impact on society
  • The individual’s physical features and personality characteristics
  • You may present your famous person using different presentational tools to provide a more visual representation. Presentational tools can include: Power Point, Smore, Adobe Spark, Beautiful.Ai or another of your choice.

Additional resources:
In essence: tell us a story about why you admire this person.