Computer Science homework help

Write a thread of at least 300 words.  Also reply to thread below of at least 150 words.
Search for a recent (published within the last 6 months) article on  Network Security Management and discuss your thoughts about the topic.  Your thread must include: an introduction statement/paragraph, body  paragraph(s), and a conclusion statement/paragraph.
The recent article I read highlights how COVID-19 has changed the  dynamics in the information technology world, especially in the light  that most companies are moving over to remote work. The article also  highlights that there have been an increase in cyber attacks during the  COVID-19 pandemic and that work places need to be vigilant in preventing  these attacks. The article finally goes into detail in how to tighten  security on a computer network for any work enterprise.
After reading the article, I realized that COVID-19 has  indeed changed the landscape that we live in today and in drastic ways  from how we interact with one another to numerous companies having their  employees work from home in order to keep the enterprise going forward.  With this change came with it’s own unique challenges in regards to  Network Security Management for an enterprise. As more and more workers  are working from home more computers are leaving the premises and  resorting to Virtual Private Networks in order to work on business  matters. Working on virtual private networks can raise security concerns  especially if company information is sent over this connection.
As mentioned before, since the beginning of the COVID-19 there  has been an increase in cyber attacks on enterprises and employee’s  working from home. To make matter’s worse, hackers have utilized the  fear of COVID-19 in order to create fake websites and lead users into  malware attacks on their systems. Enterprises and companies have  acknowledged this to be an issue for their workplace and that one spam  email can compromise the entire network.
Some of the steps that the article goes over are ways to that  enterprises and companies can find ways in order to help solidify their  computer network infrastructure. These steps include acquiring software  that can monitor all traffic coming and out of the companies computer  network. The article even mentioned software that could monitor VPN  traffic also. But the article also goes into that simple every day  security tasks and operating procedures can help mitigate these threats  just like wearing mask to help protect each other from COVID-19.