Computer Science homework help

1- What is an information system? What is its purpose?
2- How do systems analysis and systems development fit into a discussion about information systems?
3- What does the acronym SDLC mean, and what does an SDLC portray?
4- What does the acronym DBLC mean, and what does a DBLC portray?

  • Discuss the distinction between centralized and decentralized conceptual database design.
  • What is the minimal data rule in conceptual design? Why is it important?
  • Discuss the distinction between top-down and bottom-up approaches in database design.
  • What are business rules? Why are they important to a database designer?
  • What is the data dictionary’s function in database design?
  • What steps are required in the development of an ER diagram? (Hint: SeeTable9.3.)