Conduct research online about your chosen artwork type.

Choose ONE (and only one) of the following types of art discussed in this unit:

  • Cave paintings
  • Sculpted female figurines
  • Ceremonial and tomb architecture

2.  Review discussions in the textbook reading and Lesson File regarding your chosen artwork type.  Pay close attention to the different theories that have been offered over the years explaining the purpose, context, and meaning of your chosen artwork type, including the names of specific researchers who first proposed or support the theory.

3.  Conduct research online about your chosen artwork type.  Find ONE (1) example of your chosen artwork to present and discuss.  Also, research and assess the different theories posited regarding your chosen artwork type.

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NOTE: You may NOT use any work of art or image discussed in the assigned readings or lesson file for this unit; using examples within or related to a specific site discussed in the unit is fine (for example, you can use another cave painting from Lascaux, or a different ceremonial site similar to Stonehenge).

4.  Finally, write a 3-4 page essay in which you answer or examine the following points:

  • Which era does your work of art come from, and how is it indicative of the lifestyles of humans during that era?
  • What is your chosen artwork type and example work of art of this type?  Be sure to include date, descriptive title, material, and original location of the work of art, and attach or embed an image of it in your discussion post.
  • Which theory of those offered by scholars (and mentioned in the unit material) did you find MOST compelling and reasonable in regards to your chosen artwork type, based on your research?  Why?  Be sure to note the scholar who originally proposed the idea, reiterate her or his findings, and support this in regards to your specific image, including how any imagery, function, style, or context of the original artwork supports your chosen theory.