Confessions by criminal suspects are not always reliable because of devious interrogation techniques by law enforcement, such as untrue statements about the presence of incriminating evidence, which are a leading cause of wrongful conviction of the innocent.

Possible Template for final paper (Use this as a tool. This is not the required format, just a way to help you think about it. I encourage you to use subheadings in your paper.



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Page 1: Title Page


Page 2: Abstract

(Check for examples:


Page 3: Introduction

Grab your reader’s attention and introduce your topic in the first two paragraphs. Make sure to include your thesis statement in this section so your reader knows what you plan on accomplishing in the paper. I would like you to type your thesis statement in bold lettering for this paper.



Page 4-5: Literature Review

Present research that has been published on your topic. This section should provide the readers background on the issue and set up your argument.



Pages 5-6: Point #1

This is where you will start to provide the data to back up your argument. Your thesis may have told the reader what your main points would be, but here is the time to make your point and provide the data to back it up.



Pages 6-7: Point #2

Use these pages to make and provide data for your second point.



Page 8-9: Point #3

Make your final point and back it with data.



Page 10: Conclusion

Wrap it up and restate your thesis. Remind the reader how you made your argument and why it is important.