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Complete the Unit 7 Assignment: How Does Search and Seizure Relate to California v. Greenwood, 486 U.S. 35 (1988).
The ability to think critically is a key skill for success in the criminal justice field. It means not taking what you heard or read at face value, but using your critical thinking faculties to weigh up the evidence, and consider the implications and conclusions of the situation.
Resource: Chapter 10: “Pretrial Activities and the Criminal Trial”
Watch the video of a Mock Trial Flow to understand how a mock trial is conducted and follow this criteria in creating the trial for the assignment.
Texas Y&G Training Videos (Producer). (2014, October 9). Example mock trial flow. [Video Podcast.].
Review the details of California v. Greenwood. Compile the facts and witness information for this case. Decide which witnesses could support the prosecution’s case and which witnesses would support the defense’s case. How does search and seizure relate to the California v. Greenwood case?
Review the Following Resources:
JUSTIA US Supreme Court. (2020). California v. Greenwood, 486 U.S. 35 (1988).
Florida Supreme Court. (n.d.). The trash search: Fourth amendment: United States constitution.
Listen to the audio of the oral argument of California v. Greenwood.
Oyez. (n.d.). California v. Greenwood: Oral Argument – January 11, 1988.
Law Library – American Law and Legal Information. (2020). California v. Greenwood: Significance.
Westlaw. (2020). California V. Greenwood.
Note: You should be logged in to Westlaw in the Purdue Global Library before you access the link above.
Write a 350- to 700-word essay describing the trial process. Include the following in your essay:

  • A description of the trial process
  • Examples of opening and closing statements
  • The types of questions asked on direct examination
  • Highlight important points for cross-examination
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