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Understanding Terrorism – Week 8 Assignment

Threat Assessment Presentation

Homeland Security professionals do not study terrorism for no purpose. They study in order to rationally assess threats to security and inform decisions on how to deter, prevent, mitigate, and respond to these terror threats. Throughout your textbook, Gus Martin provided examples of threat assessment in each chapter: Activity Profiles.
The point of these activity profiles is to frame the unique problem that each and every terrorist – whether individual or a group – presents to the Homeland Security professional. This course has demonstrated the complexity of terrorism; now you will frame a terrorist event and draw conclusions on how that event impacts the implementation of new measures to enhance safety and security.
“How can we examine a terrorist attack in order to assess threats to the future security of the United States at home or Americans abroad?”
The point of this Final is not to develop a counter terrorism plan (that is CJ454). For this Final, you are providing the assessment that forms the basis for a future plan:
First – Select from the following list of terrorist events and submit your selection, via email, to your Instructor for approval, no later than Week 4.
·  Event #1 – 11/28/2016:  A man inspired by Islamic State drives a truck into a crowd of students at Ohio State University and then continues to attack students with a knife.
·  Event #2 – 01/29/2017: A gunman opens fire on Muslim worshipers at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Quebec City, Canada, killing 6 people and wounding 19.
·  Event #3 – 07/16/2015: A gunman opens fire at a Military recruiting station in Chattanooga, TN, killing five U.S. Marines  and a sailor.
·  Event #4 – 06/12/2016: A gunman opens fire in an Orlando nightclub, killing scores of patrons.
·  Event #5 – 05/03/2015: Two gunman are shot dead before they could enter into a “draw Muhammed” contest sponsored by an anti-Islam group
·  Event #6 – 06/08/2014: Two self-described white supremacists shoot and kill two police officers as they ate lunch at a shopping site in Las Vegas, NV. They then opened fire on shoppers before committing suicide.
·  Event #7 – 07/14/2016: A man inspired by Islamic State drove a 19-ton truck into a crowd in Nice, France, killing 86 people and injuring more than 400.
·  Event #8 – 04/15/2013: Two bombs explode near the finish line of the Boston Marathon.
·  Event #9 – 09/11/2012: The American Embassy in Benghazi, Libya is attacked, resulting in the death of the American Ambassador to Libya and several other people.
·  Event #10 – 10/22/2018: At least 12 packages containing pipe bombs are mailed through the USPS to several prominent critics of the U.S. President.
Second – Research your selected event and then develop an Assessment covering the following:
·  Incident Overview
·  Evidence of Similar-Style attacks elsewhere?
·  Evidence of Prior Warnings of the attack?
·  Analysis of the Group or Individual: Motivations and Goals
·  Analysis of the Target Selection
·  Analysis of Method of Attack
·  Analysis of the role and impact of media/social media and/or internet
·  Conclusions on the threat that this type of terrorist individual/group represents for the future
You need to use the concepts you learned from the Martin text and combine it with your own research into your selected Event.
·  Causes and Motivations of terrorism (Chapter 3)
·  Terrorist Categorization (Chapters 4 thru 9)
·  Terrorism Tools of the Trade (Chapter 10) and Information (Chapter 11)
Your presentation may either be a Padlet or a PowerPoint Presentation. Use the following templates to guide your presentations.
·  Padlet Template
·  PowerPoint Template
To create a Padlet you can go to the Padlet website. You can use this site as a reference to help you set up and format your Padlet.