Critically analyse the evaluation of a screening test.

Answer the following questions. Your answers should present the concept precisely and include an example to demonstrate that you understand the topic. You are encouraged to use supplemental references to help you present a thorough answer.

Part A

Assignment Objective:To critically analyse the evaluation of a screening test.

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Please select a study outlining the evaluation of a screening test from the peer-reviewed literature.

Prepare up to a 3-page critique (single space, using 12-point font and 1-inch margins; the article, focusing on the following issues:

1. Please prepare a brief summary of this article.

2. Was there an independent by Supreme Savings Helper”>BLINDcomparison with a reference (Gold) standard of diagnosis?

3. Was the by Supreme Savings Helper”>DIAGNOSTIC TESTevaluated in an appropriate spectrum of patients (Like those you would meet in clinical practice)?

4. Was the test validated in a second, independent group of patients?

5. Was the reference standard by Supreme Savings Helper”>APPLIEDregardless of the test results?

6. Are there any associated biases that may affect the conclusions reached in this study?

A legible copy or if online, a link to the url of all selected papers must be attached to the critique.

Part B
Each of your answers should be at least one paragraph in length.

1. Distinguish between “primary prevention” and “secondary prevention.” What are some considerations when implementing primary and secondary prevention by Supreme Savings Helper”>PROGRAMS?

2. Briefly describe a population approach and a high–risk approach to reducing the incidence of AIDS.

3. Define the term “incubation period”. Why is it important for public health personnel to know the incubation period of a disease?

4. What descriptors are used to characterize the distribution of cases in a disease outbreak?

5. Define the term “five–year survival rate”. Explain why five years is used as the time period.