Define the security term availability.


I need answers to these question:

Q1- There are seven successful policy characteristics, list them all and give one example from your experience for only one of these characteristics (NOT from the book).

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a) What are the pros and cons of Singular and Consolidated policy format?

b) Is it necessary to include standards, baselines, guidelines or procedures in this policy document? Explain your answer.

Q3- The following table summarize changing password policy rules and related setting used in Windows Server Active Directory. Write the corresponding policy statement using PLAIN language.

Enforce password history24 password remembered
Maximum password age42 days
Minimum password age1 day
Minimum password length7
Password complexity requirementYes
Store password using reversible encryptionNo


a) Define the security term confidentiality. Provide an example of a health situation where confidentiality is required.

b) Define the security term integrity. Provide an example of a financial situation in which a loss of integrity could result in significant harm.

c) Define the security term availability. Provide an example of a business situation in which availability is more important than confidentiality.

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