Discuss the demographics of your select location.

HA575 Healthcare Marketing

To begin, select one (1) of the following healthcare systems that you would like to explore for this unit:

· Acute care

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· Ambulatory care

· Assisted living

· Continuing care retirement community

· Critical access hospital

· Dialysis care

· Home health care

· Hospice care

· Long-term care

· Memory care

· Palliative care

· Pediatric care

· Primary care

· Short-term care (e.g., post-surgery therapy)

· Surgical care

· Veterans Administration

· Other (requires approval from instructor)

Next, select an environment/location:

· Downtown New York City

· Denver, Colorado

· Mobile, Alabama

· Boston, Massachusetts

· Rural Minnesota

· Savannah, Georgia

· Los Angeles, California

· Fort Worth, Texas

· Anchorage, Alaska

· Other (requires approval from instructor)

Finally, select three (3) marketing tools:

· Email

· Newspaper

· Memorandum

· Radio advertisement

· Television

· Telephone

· Social media

· Internet

· Person-to-person

· Billboard

· Referral

· Other (does not require approval from instructor)


· Provide a general overview of your select healthcare system.

· Discuss the demographics of your select location.

· Discuss the advantages of using each marketing tool at your healthcare system and location.

· Discuss the disadvantages of using each marketing tool at your healthcare system and location.

· Summarize which marketing tool you would recommend that would yield the highest marketing potential of your select healthcare system and location.

· 3-4 page paper excluding front and back matter (APA standards apply ).

Reference: https://data.medicare.gov/

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