Discuss the medicalization of the menstrual cycle.

Women Studies 2 

1 answer below »2 essays, each 500 words

Due: After Unit 2

This assignment requires you to write two (2) short essays (each essay to be approximately 500 words or 2 typed/word processed, double-spaced pages, not including the title page or reference section). Both essays have the same weighting.

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Choose two of the three statements given below. If you respond to all three statements, only the first two essays will be marked. Please label each of your two essays with its appropriate statement number (i.e., Statement 1, Statement 2, or Statement 3) so that your tutor is clear about which of the three statements each of your essays is referencing.

In each of your essays, make your position on the topic clear to the reader. Your analysis of each topic should be well balanced and critical. The discussion and arguments you present in your essays must also be informed by a relevant literature review. Thus, each essay must include references to at least three sources that come from the content presented in your textbook and/or the Reading File. You may also choose to include additional references to sources noted in “Supplementary Materials and References” at the end of each section or to other resources you may have consulted in preparing your analysis.

Before beginning this assignment, take a few minutes to review the “Evaluation Guidelines for Assignments,” “Tips on Writing Essays and Research Papers,” “Plagiarism and Academic Misconduct,” and “Remarking Assignments” sections in this manual. If you have any difficulties preparing this assignment, contact your tutor immediately.

Statement 1:

Based on and using examples from your required readings, critically discuss the medicalization of the menstrual cycle. Include an analysis of the consequences of medicalization on women’s sense of well-being.

Statement 2:

Imagine you are counselling a woman, who is in her middle years, about the advantages and disadvantages of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). What advice would you provide and why? Ensure that any advice you give is based on sound science.

Statement 3:

Describe how politics, technology, religion, and social attitudes might impose on women’s decisions and choices regarding abortion.

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