Discussion Post

For this discussion, there are 2 parts to the assignment.  Both parts must be answered for full credit.  Read the full guidelines for the Discussions found in the Syllabus.  Review the rubric for a reference as that what I am looking for in your posts.

Part 1

There are 4 purposes/goals of corrections: retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation.  Discuss which one you think has the best potential for reducing recidivism and why.  Use the book and outside resources to support your argument.

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Part 2

Find a recent (within last 2 years) case that involves one of the following:

  • Constitutional violation in a corrections setting (think 1st, 4th, 8th, or 14th Amendments)
  • Wrongful conviction where the individual was released from prison

Provide the following in your post:

  • Summary of the case
  • Your reaction to the case
  • The effects of this case on the criminal justice system

Please be detailed and include your sources in APA format.

If you are having trouble finding cases, below are some good sources for correctional news:
• correctionsone.com
• nytimes.com
• corrections.com
• latimes.com
• correctionalnews.com
• nij.gov
• ncjrs.gov
• cnbc.com
• cusa.org
• nicic.gov
• cnn.com
• usatoday.com
• huffingtonpost.com
• npr.org
• americanjail.org
• aca.org
• any state department of correction website (press release on a particular subject)
• any local paper website