Empowerment And The Social Determinants Of Health

Empowerment And The Social Determinants Of Health- Essay Writing Assignment

Essay: Empowerment And The Social Determinants Of Health

(2000 Words, 50%)

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What Are The Characteristics Of Community Empowerment That Addresses The Social Determinants Of Health?

Your Assignment Should:

1. Demonstrate An Understanding Of The Social Determinants Of Health

2. Explain Your Answer In The Context Of Primary Health Care Objectives

Your Work Should:

1.Provide A Lucid Introduction

2.Show An Advanced Understanding Of The Key Issues

3.Show The Ability To Interpret Relevant Information And Literature In Relation To The Set Question

4.Demonstrate A Capacity To Explain And Apply Relevant Theory

5.Show Evidence Of Reading Beyond The Core And Recommended Reading

6.Justify Any Conclusions Reached With Well-Formed Arguments Not Merely Assertion

7.Comply With Normal Academic Standards Of Legibility, Referencing And Bibliographical Details

8.Be Written Clearly With Accurate Spelling, Grammar And Sentence And Paragraph Construction

A Rough Plan

1.Introduction 2. What Are SDH 3. Community Empowerment 4. Alma Ata /Ottawa And Primary Health Movement. 5. Laverack’s 9 Empowerment Domains. 6. Community Characteristics That Address Empowerment. 7. Community Characteristics That Address The SDH. 8 Conclusion

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Empowerment: A Review Of The Literature’ Journal Of Health, Population And Nutrition, 24(1):113-120

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