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 INSTRUCTIONS: Please note that this question has THREE (3) components.
Over 90% of the students of Higher Learning Institute have not been able to access their online classes due to low or poor internet connectivity. They are very disgruntled and feel that their college is not doing enough to solve this problem. The president of the college has decided to convene a meeting with the executive of the Student Union to discuss the challenges and the way forward.
(i) As the President’s Personal Assistant, prepare a memo inviting members of the Student Union to the Meeting. (5 marks)
(ii) At least FOUR (4) concerns were highlighted by the students at the meeting. As the president, based on ONE of these concerns, you have decided to write a letter to the Marketing Managers of the internet providers, complaining about the poor service that the college has been receiving. (15 marks)
(iii) The president of the college has tasked the head of the Research and Innovation Unit to investigate the students’ complaints and write a brief Formal Report highlighting four (4) findings of the investigation and suggest four (4) recommendations to address the challenges identified. Please use the appropriate structure as discussed in class.  (20marks).