Ethics Questions

A. Consider the following case :

Dr. Jones is a senior surgeon at a community hospital. It is common talk among the staff that his patients have a higher level of hospital-borne infections after surgery and other doctors patients. In this case, the patient is a 38 year old female who has undergone a full mastectomy for breast cancer. During post-operative care, you have found her to be very quiet, seemingly depressed, and not talkative with you or the family members who have come to visit. She seems to be in some pain during the treatments and has a low grade fever. after a treatment she asked you, “Is Dr. Jones a good surgeon?

  1. What are some answers you could give? List five possibilities
  2. Which of the ethical systems from decision making will you use in coming to an answer – consequence, duty or virtue ethics
  3. What answer will you give and why ?

E. When the Titanic sank the men generally stood aside and women and children were allowed to take the life rafts.  the captain did not survive and went down with the ship. More recently, the cruise ship Costa Concordia ran aground and sank. the captain claims to have somehow stumbled and fell into a life raft and was one of the first to reach safety.  Not to say he was lying, but let us assume for discussion that he was. What level of the hierarchy of needs might have he been acting from?  The captain was in his early 50s. What generational cohort would he represent?  How might you explain his choice?

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The two questions has to have an answer of 3-4 paragraphs. Additonal pages are attached for a reference