Express how safety management systems, continual improvement and safety culture are interrelated

Background Not all organisations have the same level of OHS maturity in the development of their OHS management, and it is not feasible to establish a best practice OHS management system and improve OHS instantly. A best practice OHSMS requires time effort and resources. Task: 1. Utilizing the “Hudson Maturity Model”, express how safety management systems, continual improvement and safety culture are interrelated – and 2. How the implementation of a safety management system can drive the improvement of the management of safety through the five stages of the Hudson model to ultimately deliver best occupational health and safety practice. 3. Describe how utilising the continual improvement methodology (PDCA cycle) approach to implement and development a robust OHS management system is also able to deliver a mature safety culture. References Forster, P. & Hoult, S. (2013). The Safety Journey: Using a Safety Maturity Model for Safety Planning and Assurance in the UK Coal Mining Industry. Retrieved from Hudson, P. “Doesn’t all this safety stuff just cost money? The answer is no. It makes you money”. YouTube LinkLink. Hudson, P. (n.d.). Safety Management and Safety Culture The Long, Hard and Winding Road. Retrieved from verview/Hudson%20Long%20Hard%20Winding%20Road.pdf Hudson, P. (2007) Implementing a safety culture in a major multi-national. Retrieved from NSW Department of Industry and Investment. Mine Safety Operations Branch. (2013). Minerals Industry Risk Management Maturity Chart (pp.44-59). In: MDG 1010 Minerals industry safety and health risk management guideline. Retrieved from 518/MDG-1010-Guideline-for-Minerals-Industry-Safety-and-Health-RiskManagement-Updated-Jan-2011.pdf Evaluation criteria: In preparing this essay you need to access a range of sources including journal articles, conference papers, research reports, government websites and professional associations. A review of the literature should critically evaluate the readings by following guidelines in the ECU to support your academic essay. Academic Tip Sheet sheets