Finance for Managers

Please I need help with the attached Case Study work

Case Study 1 formatting guidelines

Formatting. The case study is to be prepared in single line spacing, using Calibri, Times New Roman or Arial 11 point font, with 2.54cm margins on all sides. A blank line or equivalent spacing should separate paragraphs. Tables and figures should be numbered and a short descriptive caption provided immediately after the table or figure number.

The case study will include a header and footer showing:

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  • the unit number and name,
  • the study period,
  • your name and student number, and
  • page numbers.

For example:

Header: ACC91210 Finance for Managers, SP2 2018

Footer: Your Name 123456, Page 1 of 5.

Length. Keep the assignment to a maximum word length of 1,500 words (excluding reference list). There is a grace range of up to 10% above the word limit. Markers will not to read beyond this length and therefore it will not count towards your mark.

Structure. The assignment will include: a) the case study itself, c) references, and d) appendices (if relevant). Note: You have discretion in presenting your case study. It is not required to follow the order of tasks, but attention should be paid to professional presentation.
Document Preview:

ACC91210 Finance for Managers (Online) Study Period 2, 2018 Assessment 3: Case Study 1 Due date: 2 April 2018, 11PM This assignment has a 30% weighting in your overall mark for this unit and focuses on content from Week 3. It will be marked out of 30. Marks will be allocated as indicated in the rubric below. Your total assignment submission should not exceed 1,500 words, excluding cover sheet and reference list. Overall, the assignment requires you to conduct a risk and return analysis using historical market data. Prepare your data prior to performing the risk and return calculations: ? Choose one company from Table 1 below. This company will be your case company for this and Task 1 of the next assessment (Case Study 2). Table 1: Monthly Data for Case Companies Bega Cochlear MYOB Cheese Boral (BLD) CSL (CSL) (COH) JB HiFi (JBH) (MYO) (BGA) Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly Monthly returns returns returns returns returns returns Sep-17 Oct-17 5.613% 3.710% 10.496% -0.087% 25.727% 7.613% Nov-17 5.175% 3.174% 2.729% 3.100% -6.933% 4.898% Dec-17 3.590% -1.423% -5.251% 5.633% 3.725% -6.226% Jan-18 2.696% 3.623% 1.454% 17.201% -5.801% -2.490% Feb-18 -0.813% 11.440% 5.860% -8.279% -7.331% -2.695% Source: Returns calculated from historical share prices and dividends from Morningstar DatAnalysis Premium. ? For completion of the assessment tasks, you will also need the following data (see Table 2 below): Table 2: Monthly Data for Reference Company and Market Index Reference All Ords Company Accumulated Monthly Month Closing returns Index 55459.750 Sep-17 Oct-17 -8.000% 57712.860 58813.500 Nov-17 -2.000% Dec-17 60007.770 7.000% Jan-18 59809.190 -2.000% Feb-18 59916.010 6.000% Source: Hypothetical reference company data. All Ordinaries Accumulated Index data from S&P ?

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