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  Discussion 1

Let’s look over the current draft of your paper, and then, answer the following questions:

  • First, looking over each section of the draft, in what area do you feel you did particularly well? What made it so strong, and how will you use these strengths in other sections of the draft that may need additional work?
  • Second, which sections of your draft do you feel need further improvement? Why do you feel these sections need to be revised? Which peer or instructor feedback will you use during the revision process?
  • Your response posts should be at least one fully developed paragraph (5-8 sentences) in length.

Discussion 2

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Replies to Amy and Erik and Be constructive and professional, advancing the conversation with questions and example.

Amy post

I will discuss my absolute favorite global vacation company, Royal Caribbean International. Royal Caribbean International was founded in 1868 in Norway. The first ships were merely a vessel with minimal onboard amenities. When I was young, I had the mentality that cruises were for old people. They really had nothing that catered to vacationing families. That is not the case today. We went on our first family cruise several years ago. My girls at the time were 7 and 11. They can’t decide if they like cruising better than Disneyland!  Of course, we considered a Disney Cruise, but the price is almost double and the ships are smaller and more crowded. Cruise ships have a lot more to offer families such as ice-skating, water rides, and go-carts! We gave our daughter a choice for her 15th birthday: a reasonably-priced car, Disneyland or Disneyworld, a Quinceanera, or a cruise. She chose cruise.

Being an international company takes a lot of research and risk-taking. Royal Caribbean decided to tailor the cruise experience to target different markets. Let’s take China for example. Upon extensive research, Royal learned that Chinese customers would prefer staying on the ship when traveling to different ports as opposed to shore excursions.  With this information, Royal built larger shopping areas on its ships that were sent to China. It has proven to be successful. In 2005 Royal Was China’s 45th largest market. In 2016, Royal jumped to be the 2nd largest market. “Tailoring the cruise experience to the target market proved to be a successful strategy” (et al.“How Royal Caribbean charted a new course in emerging markets,” 2016). Royal continues to perform extensive research and hires local people as part of planning. Local people can learn what is preferred in their region and what will grow their brand.

Now, in my humble opinion, companies like RCI should try to reach the 1st time cruisers. If you like the experience one cruise line has provided, chances are you will stick with that cruise line. I have talked with many cruisers and very few sway from the cruise line they initially vacationed.

Erik post

Since I am in the bourbon/whiskey area of the United States, I thought I would profile Jack Daniel’s and a snapshot of the growth they have done. The company has been around for 152 years and it has finally passed Johnnie Walker as the top selling whiskey world wide as of 2016. Worldwide the company is reaching out to about 13 million cases worldwide. The company continues to grow to meet with the supply and demand of the alcohol consumption. They invested 50 million dollars to expand the distillery and also host nearly 300,000 tourist a year to their facility.

Not only do they market their product, but they have teamed up with other drink suppliers as well. For instance, who doesn’t enjoy a good Jack ‘n Coke. With the multi branding done there, they are able to have a partnership in marketing that can be more broader and go across to reach more. Beyond the partnership, they have also expanded into other drinks and types, like Lynchburg Lemonade, Cherry Limeade, and Honey Jack. Each of those show how the 150 year old company can evolve and still be competitive.