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Discussion 1

Case Study: A Ride to School Dilemma

Refer to the “A Ride to School Dilemma” that is attached below. This case study focuses on identifying the legal concerns an educator may face.

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Answer the following four questions. Each response should be at least 150 to 250 words in length. 

1. If you were Ron, how would you handle the situation?

2. Which ethical theory or theories support your approach? Why?

3. Which domain (dispositions or law) does your response lean more closely towards? Why?

4. How does this situation create legal concerns for the educator?

Discussion 2

What legal responsibilities exist for teachers and school staff when working with students? 50 words

Discussion 3

 How do the roles educators have in the classroom conflict with each other from an ethical standpoint? 50 words

  Discussion 4

How is technology affecting the way teachers view their ethical responsibilities?50 words

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