Formative and Outcome Evaluation[Health care administrators]

Describing the Overall Evaluation Plan: Formative and Outcome Evaluation[Health care administrators] should seek to add stages associated with formative evaluation research to the development and implementation of population-wide programmes and initiatives and accordingly adjust evidence to practice models to recognize these important processes.—O’Hara, et al. (2014, p. 45)Engaging in formative and outcome evaluation assists health care administrators in determining what modifications, if any, are necessary to contribute to the effectiveness and success of health programs. Within the inherent dynamics of providing health care services to changing populations and within the changing health care landscape, formative and outcome evaluation represent essential tools in the health care administrator toolkit. Results that contribute to understanding why certain programs may or may not work successfully for a given audience or population help health care administrators apply theory to practice. This application of theory to practice allows health care administrators to ensure that the health care programs and services offered by their agencies or organizations remain consistent with the needs of the audience or community served, as well as contributing to the competitive advantage within the health care marketplace.For this Assignment, you will use insights you have gained in the previous weeks regarding formative and outcome evaluation to continue to create your marketing plan by selecting and justifying the implementation and evaluation processes best suited for your campaign.Note: The completion of this Assignment will consist of the elements necessary for Component 7 of your Final Project.The Assignment (2–3 pages)

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