Germany Correctional System paper

Germany Correctional System paper

This writing project consists of you creating a Power Point presentation on the topic listed below. You must have at least 5 credible resources cited in your power point as in text citations and in a reference citation slide in APA format. You must also have a title slide in APA format.
For your PowerPoint project you are to CHOOSE ONE topic AND ONE international country.  Pick any country you are interested in then pick ONE area you will focus on (policing, court, corrections, OR juvenile justice system in that country). Your project will provide an international perspective on policing, courts, corrections, OR juvenile justice (see either Chapters 6, 7, 8, OR 9 for additional information on these topics).  Germany Correctional System paper


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For example you may want to do your project on the police system in Spain OR you can do your project on the court system in England and Wales OR the prison system in France.
This assignment should be in PowerPoint presentation form only. Please note that a PowerPoint is different from an ordinary paper.
Given the above, please use slightly bigger font size so your audience can see your presentation. Please use mostly bullets and short phrases rather than prose/essay narratives for your PowerPoint. POWERPOINTS TYPICALLY CONTAIN ABOUT FIVE LINES OF SHORT PHRASES/BULLETS PER SLIDE.
You must cite your sources in your slides so your audience can see and research more if they want to. Also, please note that your bullets/short phrases are more important than your pictures and illustrations. Although these are also important, they are used to embellish and to supplement your written information only your pictures or illustrations are NOT the main attraction but they help in PowerPoint presentations. Germany Correctional System paper
Please note that it is expected that you would provide enough content and discussion of the major issues that portray your knowledge and understanding of the major issues; please note that this assignment is expected to be  AT LEAST TEN POWERPOINT SLIDES (not including your cover slide and your list of references). Your last slide should contain your list of references while your opening slide should be your cover slide.
In addition to the above-stated deliverable length, please note that it is considered plagiarism to borrow any ideas from anyone unless you (1) put them in your own words and (2) cite your sources. Against the background of the foregoing, student must use in-text citations to back up your major assertions so readers may not think that you are speculating or guessing. Remember that a list of references always go hand in hand with in-text citations (your last slide).
KU has provided a very useful resource in the classroom to assist you in citing your sources. Please see the resource material in Getting Started. Please note that this is the accepted standard in social sciences all over the world and therefore you must cite your sources in ALL assignments in this class since ALL assignments require some sort of research and are expected to be based on the literature. Try to use AT LEAST FIVE SOURCES for this assignment.

Germany Correctional System paper


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