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Campaign consultants are skilled at packaging a candidate, highlighting those aspects of the candidate’s policy positions and personality that are thought most attractive to voters. Packaging is not new to politics. Andrew Jackson’s self-portrayal in the nineteenth century as “the champion of the people” is an image that any modern candidate could appreciate. What is new is the need to fit the image to the requirements of a world of sound bites, 30-second ads, televised debates and Internet messages.
Considering the current president of the United States, using terminology from the text, explain:

  1. How you feel the current president was packaged
  2. How effective, or ineffective, his campaign’s usage of “Air Wars” were
  3. How effective, or ineffective, his campaign’s and his personal usage of “Web Wars” were and have been
  1. Address the questions above in fully developed post (at least a 300 words)
  2. Raise at least one interesting question for your classmates to answer