Health Behaviour Challenge

HST1125: Health Behaviour Challenge- Report Writing Assignment


After you have asked a friend or colleague to complete the health self assessment survey, review their
responses and identify a health issue that requires improvement. To address the identified health issue, it is important that you formulate a SMART Health Goal. The SMART Health Goal will be included in your Assessment 2, used to guide the development of strategies and recommendations in the Health Behaviour Challenge Report.

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1. Review the survey responses and select a health issue. For example Tobacco smoking, physical
activity, sleeping habits etc.
2. Develop a SMART goal to address the health issue.

Examine your friends/colleagues current health habits:
A.How does their lifestyle affect their health today?
B.How will it affect their health in the future?
C.Which habits detract from their health?
D.New information may trigger concerns
E.Observations from family and friends.

3. Write the SMART GOAL below in one sentence that includes each of the SMART components as per the example provided:
SMART GOAL Examples ie , ( ..insert name) is regularly participating in Sufficient Physical activity (as measured by the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines for health).