Health care assignment

Write a Memorandum directed to your faculty answering the questions below.Based on the   2-by-2 contingency table to determine the total number of people who fail the diagnostic test, which represents the target market for hearing aid sales from Assignment  2  and the information from  the case study, calculate:1.  How many people will buy the hearing aids?2.  How much the clinic will make on hearing aid sales to those people based on theHearing aid sales mix Hearing AidsUnit PriceSales (show the calculations)MixLow-end$1,00040%Mid-range$2,50050%High-end$4,00010%Total100%1.  Calculate how much the clinic will expense on the staffing (HINT: you need to calculate the number of employees and the time worked first).2.  Discuss if it might be a good idea to conduct the Fair and follow up appointments considering the amount of money made and the expense for staffing.3.  What other potential considerations could influence the marketing department final recommendation?**When appropriate, refer to credible resources following APA format

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