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Assignment- Research Essay – Only Nursing / Health care Tutors

  •    For this task you need to create a single (1) slide (using PowerPoint) concept map and 3700-4000 word explanation, demonstrating analysis of the case study emailed to you in week 1. A PowerPoint template file will be made available for you to customised based on your assigned case scenario.
  •  In your concept map you must:1) Interpret the patient’s risk factors (from the case-study scenario) and determine how these risk factors may lead to cell pathology (based on the patient’s diagnosis);2) Explain the links between cellular pathology and the pathophysiology of the diagnosed disease; 3) Describe how the pathophysiology of the disease accounts for the patient’s clinical manifestations (described in the case-study scenario); and4) Analyse and interpret evidence based research to suggest appropriate diagnostic assessments and treatment modalities for 
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