Health Policy Stakeholders and Health Policy Issue

UTS92050: Policy, Power and Politics in Health Care-Project Management Assignment

T ask 1 Health Policy Stakeholders 
Intent: Provides students with the opportunity to analyse the health policy literature, learn the process and language of health policy and the importance and influence of the involvement of various stakeholder groups.

Task: Based on information drawn from class sessions and independent investigation, each student is to provide a succinct descriptive and evaluative annotated summary of six academic papers that have a focus on one or more health policy stakeholders (300 words for each paper). A purpose designed general template will be provided to students to guide the successful completion of assessment task 1.

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Length 1800 word annotated bibliography

Task 2: Media Analysis 
Intent: This assessment item focusses on understanding the power of the media in influencing health policy and politics.

Task: Students are to analyse one media article on a public policy issue (health specific) that has received attention in the Australian media in the past three years. The analysis should focus on how the media article portrays the policy issue with reference to the article’s objectivity, balance of perspectives, attitude, ideological viewpoint/s, scientific rigour and other evidence-identified approaches used by the media to influence an audience.

Length: 2000 word report

Task 3: Health Policy Issue

Intent: Provides students with the opportunity to investigate a key health policy issue and explore and generate potential solutions. They will also have the opportunity to effectively transmit knowledge and solutions regarding the issue to the facilitator and peers and learn to critique their own solutions as well as those of other students.

Task: Students will be randomly allocated to small groups (4 students per group) to respond to a health policy issue, including offering effective, evidence based strategies and associated rationale of why the specific strategies were chosen to address the issue. Each group will be provided information on the issue during the on-campus days. Groups will formally debate opposing perspectives to the whole class (each student will speak for 2-3 minutes). Class members will be required to ask relevant questions about the issue being presented.

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