The purpose of this assignment is to design and pitch a plan for rebranding a team’s merchandise to league officials.

A  sport team’s merchandising is a critical factor in its ongoing revenue  generation, and proper licensing ensures that sports organizations are  able to protect their income-generating potential through the sale of  their branded products. Not only are professional and often collegiate  team names, logos, and league trademarks licensed, but even athletes’  names and likenesses can be licensed by player associations. Licensing  agreements direct the vendor in the merchandising process, specifying  quality standards, timeframe of production, projected profits, and  royalties to be paid to the team, athlete, or league.

For this  assignment, focus on the sports team New York Yankees and rebrand the team’s merchandise with the goal of  increasing sales. Refer to the demographic data of your selected team’s  fans to inform your rebranding plan.

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When  making your plan, consider the role licensing will play in brand  recognition and your marketing strategies. The project will have two  parts, a written report detailing your plan for the rebranding program  and a PowerPoint presentation with accompanying pitch explaining the  rebranding plan to league and team officials.

Rebranding Plan Paper

Compose  a 750-1,000-word paper outlining your approach to this team’s  rebranding initiative. Include the following points in your paper:

  1. Explain why you are rebranding the team’s merchandise.
  2. Using  data such as fan demographics, sales, and information related to brand  recognition, justify the necessity for rebranding. How will rebranding  the team’s merchandise draw in more fans, increase sales, and make the  brand more recognizable?
  3. Describe what the rebrand will look  like: Will it entail a change in team colors? Logo? Mascot? How will  this contribute to the overall goals and image of the team? What  merchandise will this affect? Will any new merchandise be rolling out to  promote this rebranding?
  4. Provide details about the specific  steps you will undertake to rebrand, license, and market this  merchandise. Focus on finding innovative ways to use technology and  social media in the rebranding process.
  5. Provide cost and revenue projections for the plan.
  6. Explain the metrics you will use to evaluate the success of the merchandise rebranding.

PowerPoint Presentation 

For  the second part of this assignment, create a 6-10 slide PowerPoint  presentation that summarizes your merchandise rebranding plan for  presentation to team stakeholders or league officials. The PowerPoint  slides are intended to serve as a visual aide to supplement the content  of your presentation, whether you are presenting in class or adding your  speaker notes to each slide. As such, the slides are not a space to  reiterate verbatim the content of your paper. Utilize the presentation  slides for showcasing persuasive graphics, images, tables, and graphs  that will bolster your pitch and help you sell this rebrand. Include  relevant talking points in the Speaker Notes section for each slide in  the PowerPoint.

Your presentation should include the following components:

  1. Introduction (1 slide): Team name, location, and current logo or brand.
  2. Problem (1 slide): Reason for rebranding.
  3. Rationale (1-2 slides): Justification (fan DNA, analytics, etc.) for rebranding.
  4. Concept  (1-2 slides): Introduce new logo or branded design; support why you  believe it will be more successful than the current brand.
  5. Return on Investments (1-2 slides): Projected revenue – projected costs = projected profit.
  6. Evaluation (1-2 slides): Metrics for measuring the rebranding’s success.