This week, we learned about types of economies, resources, population, and environmental policy.  For your Unit 2 Complete assignment, write a narrative essay (minimum 1000 words) in which you address and discuss the questions and statements listed below.  Use at least three scholarly sources and remember to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections in your essay.  Cite your sources in APA format.

  • Differentiate between classical and neoclassical economics.  Shed some light on how each affects the environment.
  • Renewable and nonrenewable natural resources are all around us.  Give a short discussion that includes the definition of each and include examples.  Remember that there are many outside of the energy sector.
  • Describe the main differences between green tax, a subsidy, and an emissions trading system?  Which one do you think works better and why?
  • Population is a major issue in Environmental Science.  How do birth and death rates affect population dynamics specifically?  When do you see stable populations regarding birth and death rates?  What about growing and shrinking populations? 
  • Describe an age-class diagram.  What predictions can be made about the future of a population that has a v-shaped age-class diagram?  What role does women empowerment play in population growth?
  • Describe two justifications for environmental policy.  Identify three problems environmental policy seek to address.