Compose a report of 1100 words in which you:

1. Identify and describe a public issue relating to the company’s social or environmental impact.  Describe the public issue in terms of a performance-expectations gap.

2. Propose a strategy to address that issue and explain your reasoning. What do you recommend the company do in this situation to narrow the performance-expectations gap?

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3. Identify the focal organization, the public issue under consideration, and the initial strategy recommended for management. 

4. Identify the company’s relevant stakeholders with respect to the issue at hand and explain both the interests and salience of each stakeholder. Include no fewer than five stakeholder groups in your analysis (i.e., employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, retailers, communities, non-governmental organizations, trade associations, governments, the general public, competitors—see Exhibit 1.B in our textbook). Make sure to consider power, legitimacy, and urgency when evaluating salience. Write one small paragraph about each stakeholder group included in your analysis. Remember, you are evaluating the interests of each stakeholder with respect to the strategy you have proposed. In other words, you must evaluate whether each stakeholder is for or against the proposed strategy.

5. Present the findings of your analysis in a stakeholder map. After constructing the stakeholder map, briefly discuss whether any stakeholder coalitions are likely to form.

Please organize your report using the template attached below. (Note: the template also contains a blank stakeholder map that you can fill in based on the findings of your stakeholder analysis.)