Use the websites and any info on  NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct. Website 3 is a flip book with good information to use.  answer the below questions



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 Type up your answers to the following statements/questions.  State the Ideal number(s) or Principle number(s) you would use to help you make your decisions.

1.    You have a co-teacher who consistently yells at children.  What do you do?

2.    You want to sell Tupperware to the families in your classroom.  This is not a fundraiser and the school and/or class are not benefitted by the sale of such items.  What do you do?

3.    Your school does not celebrate holidays, however, you have a really great Cinco de Mayo activity you want to do with the children in your class.  What do you do?

4.    You have a child in your class that is constantly interrupting your stories and doesn’t want to do the curriculum.  You’d feel better if he would just go to another school.  What do you do?

5.    You suspect a child in your program has been physically abused.  What do you do?