Topic: Are there leadership styles more frequently demonstrated by women than men?

  • The competencies used to complete this assignment include research skills, synthesis of what you’ve learned, critical thinking, and writing clearly and concisely. This paper provides you with the opportunity to research in greater detail an OB topic of special interest to you.
  • You may select any OB topic in Nelson & Quick (2019), discussed in class, or found in academically credible, library-based resources. (Wikipedia and similar open-source media are not permitted.) For more information on sources that are acceptable within a university setting, review evaluating research sources (Links to an external site.). Use the UTA online library to look for “peer-reviewed” sources.
  • The following pages from Purdue’s Online Writing Center may also be helpful for you:
  • Use APA style to cite any resources that you use for this paper. Your paper must include at least five sources in addition to Nelson & Quick (2019) if used. The following websites will provide rapid, effective citing assistance now and in the future. Ensure that your reference page and in-text citations are formatted correctly using the directions available from the following sources:
  • Format your paper as double-spaced with 12-point Times New Roman text. No cover page is needed.
  • The paper must be at least 5 full pages in length in content, but not to exceed 6 full pages. Note: Content length does not include a cover page (if used) or your references page. The length requirement pertains to subject content.
  • It is expected that your paper includes:
    • Academic (peer-reviewed) resources from the UTA online library or a similar academic site
    • A properly formatted reference page
    • Proper use of in-text citations
    • A reasonably low (below 10%) Unicheck score validating the originality of your work.
  • Required elements of your paper include the following:
    • Historical context for the topic. How have we come to understand the topic over time?
    • Definition — a thorough definition/explanation of the OB topic, including its nature and value. How would you explain its nature and value to others? How do different researchers define it?
    • Relevance — explain why you selected the topic, why it has special meaning for you, and what you might do in the future to learn more about it. Why is it important to you and how will you develop your current interest in the topic?
  • You may write in the first- or third-person based on what is most comfortable for you.
  • highly recommend that you consult with UTA’s Writing Center for assistance with your writing. Visit UTA Writing Center (Links to an external site.) for more information.
  • Complete this assignment on time. If circumstances may prevent you from doing so, please contact me at least 72 hours in advance to discuss your circumstances and to agree on a new date. Without such a prior agreement, point penalties may be assigned for late submissions, subject to my discretion.
  • Here the things I encourage you to avoid if you want to do well on this assignment.
    • Using popular internet web sites instead of academic sources (you have access to UTA’s online library, so there’s no reason to use non-academic sources).
    • Copying content directly from your sources, which will also raise your Unicheck score.
    • Using long or multiple quotes to fill out the content of your paper and to meet length requirements.

Failing to run a basic spell/grammar check on your paper before turning it in. With special care for ESL students, I accept a lot of complex errors, but I don’t accept simple ones that a basic spell/grammar check, a review by someone else, or more careful proofreading would pick up.

Here are some resources that will help you:

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  1. Organizing your research paper (Links to an external site.)
  2. Using in-text citations (Links to an external site.)
  3. Formatting the APA paper references page (Links to an external site.)
  4. Good paragraph structure (Links to an external site.)
  5. Selecting academically suitable resources (Links to an external site.)
  6. Proofreading your paper (Links to an external site.)
  7. Use UTA OWL writing support