Camero Case – case attached 

The paper content should have all sections specified below:

Executive summary – a couple of paragraphs which summarize the remainder of the report and is on its own page

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Background – use this section to lead into your Problem Statement; identify symptoms, critical factors and the current state (one to two pages)

Problem Statement – a succinct statement of the problem/dilemma/issue, preferably in a single declarative sentence; be careful to identify the real problem and not the symptoms of the problem (maximum four lines)

Analysis – apply marketing models, course content, and outside research to support your position; logically discuss options, implications and tradeoffs (three to four pages)

Recommendations and Conclusions – these should be your recommendations regarding how the organization should deal with the problem; they should be fully supported by the Analysis section (one page)

References and Charts – does not count towards the 10 pages Citations must be referenced according to APA style.

 Appropriate references:  This is a library research paper and you must use at least 3 different sources, not including textbooks. These sources should be company websites, industry sources, periodicals, such as the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and so on, and governmental sources such as the SEC. Wikipedia and other similar sources are not to be used in this course. 

APA Guidelines: Students should follow the APA guidelines to write the case assignment.problem and not the symptoms of the problem (maximum four lines)