In this essay, you are to discuss all of the following:

(1)  One of the benefits of a single-payer system might be that all healthcare specialties would be covered equitably.  Even if the United States does not adopt a single-payer system, should all health insurance plans be required to cover specialty care, such as ob/gyn care for women or dental care or cancer care or mental health care, without referrals and at the same reimbursement rate as primary care?  WHY or WHY NOT?

(2)  What are the financial AND ethical reasons to do so or not to do so?

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(3)  But see “What about Rationing?” (pp. 205–206 in our textbook’s discussion on lessons from Oregon).  From a realistic standpoint, due to scarcity of resources, “Rationing occurs all the time in the American health care system [and] not everyone can have everything they want in terms of health care.”  In order to have a SUSTAINABLE system of health care, where do you think policymakers should draw the line as to WHO is covered and WHAT SERVICES are compensated?

(4)  Describe the financial AND ethical reasoning in support of your position.

 Discussion post should be at least 450 words;  You MUST use concepts, theories, facts, etc., from your textbook and/or from peer-reviewed journals or reputable internet sources in your discussion (and cite your sources).